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AboutTKTX Global

TKTX numbing cream is renowned for its outstanding numbing effect and is highly respected by tattoo artists around the world. According to TKTX sales statistics the number of TKTX products sold worldwide each year is 10 million.

Due to the amazing sales, many unscrupulous merchants began to produce and sell fake TKTX numbness cream. According to consumers, they often buy counterfeit goods on eBay, Amazon, Facebook and other shopping sites. Consumers should carefully discern authenticity before buying.

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Why Buy From Us?

Here at TKTX Global we only stock and sell 100% authentic TKTX numbing cream and during-procedure numbing gel/spray.
Our goal is to provide the world with pain-free tattooing and cosmetic procedures.

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TKTX Gold, TKTX Green, TKTX Yellow, TKTX Blue, TKTX Black, TKTX Red
15ml or 30ml During-Procedure Numbing Gel & 30ml During-Procedure Numbing Spray

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